We are currently casting bakers for upcoming projects! All levels of experience are welcome. 
To apply, email with the following information:
1. Name (First and Last)
2. Location (City and State)
3. Phone Number
4. Email address
5. Occupation (i.e. name of bakery/restaurant/business and your position)
6. A brief summary of your baking background including previous baking experience and biggest accomplishments
7. Do you have special FX experience? (It’s OK if no, but if yes please elaborate)
8. Do you have experience with holiday themed baking? (It’s OK if no, but if yes please specify – Christmas, Halloween, etc.)
9. Attach a clear, recent photograph of yourself
You MUST include all of the above information to be considered. 
Optional: Please include social media links (websites, Instagram, Facebook) for you or your baking business.