Food Network Star 11 Official Casting Application

**Thank you for submitting your basic information to the show!** 
Please fill out the below official casting application for Season 11 of Food Network Star.

NOTE: If you would like fill out the application at another time, you may do so by visiting the web address below.

*Please make sure to copy and save the link before closing this website page**

Please read the Food Network Star (Season 11) Official Rules and Eligibility Requirements before completing this participant application. This application and your eligibility to participate in a Program will be subject to your compliance with the Official Rules.

Completed application packages must be received by November 25th, 2014 to guarantee your application will be considered for the Programs.

There are two ways to apply to Food Network Star (Season 11). All participants must provide the following documents and materials when submitting your Participant Application. Failure to do so will result in delaying the processing of your Participant Application and/or may result in eliminating you from further consideration.

Option 1: Attend a program open casting call AND complete the below application, which will include uploading the materials listed below. Visit our open casting call page to find dates and locations on our casting events.

Option 2: (if you cannot attend an open call) Email a 3-minute home video AND complete the below application, which will include uploading the materials listed below. To create a home video, please download our Home Video Instructions.

ALL completed applications must be emailed to and will require the following materials:
1. Signed release and waiver. Please download the Food Network Star 11 Release & Waiver to be filled out and submitted at the bottom of this application.
2. Signed materials release. Please download the Food Network Star 11 Materials Release to be filled out and submitted at the bottom of this application.
3. One (1) recent photograph of yourself
4. One (1) legible photocopy of EITHER (1) your passport; OR (2) your driver’s license OR (3) your state ID card.