NOW CASTING TALENT: 1 person knowledgeable in DESIGN & 1 person knowledgeable in REAL ESTATE

**Can submit as pairs (husband/wife teams, brother/sister, etc.) or individually.


I.e: Designers, Artists, Interior Designers, Stagers, Bloggers, those passionate about design…Real Estate Experts/Agents/Entrepreneurs, Etc.


The producers of HGTV’s hit show Love It or List It, Big Coat Productions, are looking for a dynamic duo with an expertise and true passion in design and real estate. This team must have a synergy and be able to create a fun, interesting dynamic on screen. The audience must want to come and see these experts week after week and enjoy seeing them navigate the world or design and real estate.


For the Design Talent– they must really love the home, truly care about design and have a passion for details, they must be creative and wants the best for their clients.


For the Real Estate Talent– They must be able to present properties in a favorable light be creative, be outgoing, fun and care about their client’s needs.


Overall, we are in search of those with an authentic point of view who are down to earth, relatable, family friendly and have a good sense of humor.


To apply, please click on the “Apply Now” button below. *Note: You may submit as a pair or individually.

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